We Want Freedom

by Crucial Times

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released January 18, 2011

Recorded by Ryan Stack @ Andrews Lane Recording Company on October 16th & 17th, 2010 in Haverhill, MA.
Mastered by Rob Gonnella & Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA.
All songs written by Crucial Times, except “One Man Judiciary Committee,” written by Crucial Times and Nate G.
Backing vocals by Crucial Times & Justin Gonyea (The VT Moxie Crew).
Layout and design by Justin Gonyea.
Photos by Dan Gonyea, Todd Pollock and Mikey X.

On this recording:
Matt Kimball - Bass
Bruce Fitzgerald - Drums
Conor Lockwood - Vocals
Mikey X - Guitar
Will Rutkowski - Guitar



all rights reserved
Track Name: One Man Judiciary Committee
your ignorance, your intolerance, it's all about you
your mindset, your outlook, nothing else matters
push your beliefs
shove it down someone's throat
make your attack, but you don't know what your saying
why should i listen, why should i care?
your trying to make me a clone
who are you to dictate, who are you to judge
my decisions made?

i don't need you fucking shit,
it's gonna come back to you
karma reciprocates all your false force fed pride
it's gonna come back and hit you hard.
Track Name: Break Free
outcasted from everything
a subject of ridicule
i am the lowest of the low

i've always been told to succeed
but what the fuck is the point
when success is supposed to be green

so who gives a fuck
i hate myself
and i hate my surroundings

so what the fuck is the point
of a positive outlook anymore
Track Name: Wasteoids
i hate all of you
your lifeless pieces of shit
the world would be better if you fucking quit
your never doing anything for yourselves
and even less for everyone else

yet you see yourself so high
but all you do is look down on others
its makes me so fucking sick
put a gun to your head
and blow apart your skull
the world would be a better place
without you taking up space

nobodies gonna shed a tear when your gone
you'll just be an unimportant memory
so try and start your shit
to make yourself feel important
it's doing nothing but showing your ignorance

so stay the fuck away
cause i'm about to snap
and i don't give a fuck
what happens to you
Track Name: Arizona Can Suck It
an era of hate has returned to the states
an entire generations lives are at stake
jim crow rears his ugly head again
plain and simple, this is racial profiling

these invisible lines
have been drawn through time
separating fellow human beings
is a crime

borders don't exist
only in our minds

borders don't exist
only in our minds

arizona what were you thinking
infringing on rights
based on the color of skin
is segregation starting again